The Queen’s Gurkha Signals

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The Queen’s Gurkha Signals (QGS) is a customary unit of Royal Corps of Signals, one of the battle support arms of British Army. Together with the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers, the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment and the Royal Gurkha Rifles they frame some portion of the Brigade of Gurkhas. QGS was framed amid The Malayan Emergency to support the seventeenth Gurkha Division.

Royal warrant and Title

On 21 April 1956 an honor was given to the Regiment when Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal exhibited her pipe banner to the Pipes and Drums. Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal is additionally the Colonel-in-Chief of QGS as she is of Royal Corps of Signals.

As a part of Queen’s Silver Jubilee festivities 1977, the Regiment recovered its Royal title, alongside the Gurkha Engineers, turning into Queen’s Gurkha Signals. The Royal title and Royal crown were authoritatively adjusted on 20 April 1977.

Current units

246 Gurkha Signal Squadron (second Signal Regiment)

It is one of the field squadrons under 2 Signal Regiment, situated in York. The Squadron comprises of 3 troops: Kowloon, Island and Sek Kong. Supporting these troops are the Squadron Headquarters, Technical Workshops and Motor Transport Departments. The Squadron re-assigned in 2009 to end up some portion of the cycle of Campaign Signal Regiments. 246 gave the center of the CSR’s labor and gave the Helmand Information and Communications Systems Signal Squadron amid 2 Sig Regt’s organizations on Operation HERRICK, conveying Operational and Strategic correspondences to Task Force Helmand and supporting units. 246 GSS has finished Operational Tours in Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan as of late and sent on various significant activities in the UK and abroad.

248 Gurkha Signal Squadron (22nd Signal Regiment)

Is one of the field squadrons presenting with 22 Signal Regiment situated in Stafford, West Midlands. The Squadron comprises of three troops: Lima, November and Oscar. Supporting these troops is the Squadron Headquarters, Technical workshop, Squadron Quartermasters and Motor Transport office.

The Squadron was completely furnished with the Royal Signals PTARMIGAN trunk correspondences framework however this framework has now been put out of administration. At present, the Squadron is furnished with best in class RICHELIEU advanced correspondences frameworks, principally used to support the NATO ARRC Headquarters. As a major aspect of the re-sorting out of Royal Signals units inside of the Corps, 22 Signal Regiment is currently being furnished with REACHER and MITRAL satellite frameworks and will be accepting FALCON and further RICHELIE and Satellite hardware soon. The Squadron has been occupied throughout the last 4 years.

250 Gurkha Signal Squadron (30th Signal Regiment)

The Squadron comprises of: 2 Falcon troops, Victor and Whisky, X Ray Troop giving ICS backing to SLE and ABTF, Support troop, including a MT Section and SQMS division and Squadron Headquarters.

Their fundamental target is to give command Support to the Joint Rapid Reaction Force when deployed keeping in mind the end goal to empower the Command and Control (C2) of joint Task Forces at the little and medium scale. They are likewise in charge of the presentation of Falcon into administration.

sn. Position Name
1. president & chairman Major General N A W  Pope  CBE
2. sec qg signals trust Colonel G C Verdon OBE
3. honorable secretary Lieutenant Colonel DG Macaulay
4. comm. secretary & editor Lieutenant Colonel M R Complin
5. GUrkha secretary Gurkha Secretary

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