gurkhas_passwordGurkhas had neither working passports nor visas. The visas were denied from them by the MOD policy. They instead used to show their army identification document in order to move from one place to another. This was not fair because they were denied the freedom of movement. Those who had Nepalese passports are the one who were most affected for they had no student visa, no business visa, British citizenship and also they had no section 8 endorsement.

They were more like refugee in their own nation which was contrary to their British soldiers who had visas and were free to move from one place to another without any restrictions. The army identification document they had enabled them to be granted permission to travel in airports of any country they went. This was extremely out of order because if they were to travel alone, they would be stuck in a country and thus delays their operations. In case of emergency call to duty, the Gurkhas were unable to move swiftly because of the constrains in the  airports for they had no visa, the officers there took a lot of time trying to clear them thus delaying their operation.

It was until recently when they had issues in Mumbai as they were travelling alone during the block leave. They encountered problems for they had no legal document to clearly identify themselves. That is when the MOD, the brigade of Gurkhas decided that the Gurkhas must have section 8 endorsement in their passports as long as they were  in active service.

It’s now compulsory for each serving Gurkhas member to have section 8 endorsements in their passports. This ensures that the Gurkhas have their freedom of movement without distractions.

Finally, the Gurkhas requires compensation for the time lost, resources and the hustle they went through as a result of being denied this vital document; passport.