Bed Check Policy in the Brigade of Gurkhas

As everyone else got into a good night sleep in a better bedroom, for the Gurkhas this was not the case. They used to have a shared accommodation whereby the members of each section shared a room. One room used to accommodate 20-24 members, which is a total congestion.

The beds were not comfortable enough although the blankets and bed sheets were provided to the Gurkhas. They used to share baths, sinks and showers. The blankets, pillowcase and bed sheets were regularly laundered for new recruits.  This was contrary to the British army where new recruits used to get new beddings.

Furthermore, the Gurkhas has to apply for an ‘out pass’ where you had to borrow a written permission to be out of the barracks. The “out pass” only applied during block leave and public holidays bearing in mind that the leave only came once in 3years. The out pass was denied during week days as well as weekends. As everyone spent their weekends with family and friends, for Gurkhas they remained in barracks. More so, the Gurkhas never had the privilege to live overnight outside barracks without “out pass”.

For them there was no difference in being in a zoo and barracks. They used to bed check every night at 2300hrs by Company Orderly NCO. Thereafter all the absentees would be punished.

In the other hand, the British soldiers were free to move out at any time to meet their family and friends. There were no bed check policies and restrictions for British soldiers as long as they are ready for duty or parade.

The Gurkhas were denied the most fundamental right of freedom. They were isolated, separated from everything including their families and friends this was not fair especially for individuals who put their lives in line for the service of the country.